Day: August 9, 2019

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Unemployment Numbers and Presidential Elections Considered

It seems that just prior to the 2012 general elections, at a time we would also be choosing either a new president or four more years of the old one, there was quite a bit of chaos in the last three months running up to the election, mostly concerning our job numbers. The unemployment rate seems to be on a roller coaster ride. What was going on? Sure, in an election year anything can happen and these types of statistics have been doctored and manipulated before by past presidential administrations. However, would this current administration dare to do that? Well, let’s talk shall we?

Some of the roller coaster ride certainly had to do with the Federal Reserve’s QE3 (third round of quantitative easing) and the normal seasonal employment gyrations. Still, that doesn’t explain it all. Do voters lookout for such things, is it a deciding factor in the election? … Read More

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Fitness Marshall

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Health Food Store Near Me

A self-storage unit can saves you from disturbing your friends and relatives if you end … Read More

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Is Vaping Really Safer Than Smoking?

Vapes aren’t completely safe, but the vapor that we inhale while vaping contains less toxins than cigarette smoke. Studies show that vapes are indeed a healthier alternative.

Tobacco: A Medicine and a Poison

A legend passed down from generation to generation of the Huron tribe – Indians that are living in today’s Ontario province, Canada – speaks of the Great Spirit who sent a woman to a barren land. By touching the ground with her right hand, she made potatoes grow there. With her left hand she brought corn into existence. When she finally sat down to rest, it turned out that tobacco had grown up in this place. The scientists however have a very different opinion about the origins of the tobacco of course. Nicotiana plants are a close relatives of potatoes, tomatoes, aubergines and peppers. Smoking tobacco was invented by the indigenous people of America, but in the … Read More