Day: November 20, 2019

Can E-Cigarettes Be Used Safely?

In just the past two years, e-cigarettes have gained incredible popularity as a tobacco alternative and also as a means to stop smoking entirely. Though the public at large seems to have embraced the products, some observers have begun to voice serious concerns about the safety of the chemical components used in their manufacture as well as the devices themselves. To ease your mind about e-cigarettes, we have compiled some useful research about the impact of tobacco smoke on the human body and contrasted it with the effects of e-cig vaping.

The Impact of Tobacco Smoke on the Body

When contemplating the potential harm of tobacco smoke, addiction to nicotine is among the first things to come to mind. During the smoking of a cigarette, a small amount of tobacco is burned as a means to release nicotine quickly into the system. Though nicotine addiction has the potential to … Read More