Day: December 18, 2019

How Can Physical Therapy Help

In physical therapy, medical experts examine and treat abnormal physical conditions such as disease, disability, injury or impairment.

Certified physical therapists can be found in a wide variety of environments such medical research centres, government agencies, occupational settings, hospices, schools, fitness and sports settings, home health, nursing homes, rehab centres, hospitals, private practices and outpatient healthcare facilities. Thank goodness for The Good Physio!

What to Expect

Physical therapy can be beneficial to individuals of all ages with a variety of conditions.

A physical therapist looks after patients throughout the course of their treatment, from when they are first diagnosed through the preventive and restorative stages of recovery. Physical therapy can be used as a standalone treatment or can be part of other treatment regimens.

Common Conditions

Some of the most common medical conditions that are treated using physical therapy include:

Pelvic floor dysfunction and women’s health such … Read More