Day: April 30, 2020

The Man Who Runs 365 Marathons a Year

No superpower works in a vacuum—we all need to have a tiny inspiration. Shattuck idolizes and attempts to design himself right after Marcus Luttrell, the former Navy SEAL who was the inspiration at the rear of the Hollywood film Lone Survivor, and David Goggins, another former SEAL, who has finished far more than sixty ultra-endurance events and wrote the bestseller Cannot Hurt Me. Goggins is a common on Luttrell’s Crew Never Quit podcast.

To stick to the route of Luttrell and Goggins, one particular has to have a certain tendency towards masochism: “I encourage myself with dim visuals, like me at the bottom of a sewer. That picture will make me really sturdy,” Goggins suggests in one particular podcast interview. “Motivation is not enough. Determination is crap. You need to have passion.” 

Shattuck unquestionably has the latter. For the duration of our first cellphone get in touch with,

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