Might 22, 2020 — A new autopsy analyze that investigated lung changes in response to COVID-19 down to the genetic and molecular degrees has revealed startling new details about destruction from the infection.

The tiny analyze — which compared the lungs of seven clients who died of the flu, the lungs of seven clients who died of COVID-19, and tissue from folks who died with healthy lungs — verified two things research previously hinted at. Initially, the spiky coronavirus that will cause COVID-19 invades the lining of blood vessels, a tissue called the endothelium. Second, injuries to the endothelium encourages blood clots and helps make it so these vessels really do not operate as perfectly.

Medical practitioners have described that the blood of COVID-19 clients congeals effortlessly, which helps make it complicated to maintain medical tubing open up to deliver drugs and fluids. Blood clots in COVID-19 clients also seem