Day: June 10, 2020

There is no CrossFit, Just Good and Bad Coaching

By now, most people are knowledgeable of the backlash in opposition to Greg Glassman, CrossFit’s founder and CEO, due to the fact of tone-deaf, insensitive, and dismissive remarks he has designed about George Floyd’s demise and COVID-19.


We never need to rehash all that in this article due to the fact it has been carried out to demise in all places else. Even so, we need to tackle a single thing, the potential of box fitness centers, especially as they battle to open up up in a post-Pandemic and, as appears probably, a post-CrossFit earth. The easy point of the matter is that there is no CrossFit.



CrossFit is a model. It can be a title, and an great. It was, at a single time, an advocate for a method that organized high-depth interval education (HIIT) into a methodology for practical physical fitness and basic phyiscal preparedness (GPP).


It popularized

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