Day: February 7, 2021

How to Train Power for the Lower Body

Explosive strength is critical for athletes. There’s a energy ingredient to each and every movement we make, irrespective of whether that’s a ski change, a speedy leap about a felled tree, or a lunge for a distant climbing hold. But it’s typically neglected in the health and fitness center, says Alex Bunt, a energy and conditioning mentor with Red Bull and Lindsey Vonn’s personal coach. When strength and speed are common territory, electric power is more nuanced and complicated to coach.

In practical terms, ability is the skill to exert additional drive at greater speeds. Every single movement has a romantic relationship amongst power and velocity, Bunt describes, and this results in a spectrum referred to as the pressure-velocity curve. On a person conclude of the spectrum, there’s pure pressure: think of isometric workouts, like a front plank or one particular-rep max lifts exactly where speed is negligible, like a

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