Day: March 3, 2021

Many Parents Back Kid, Teacher COVID Shots

March 2, 2021 — A majority of parents of teens and preteens say they plan to vaccinate their kids against COVID-19 within a year of the shots being authorized for use in children. But parents of younger age groups were less certain about their vaccination plans.

Parents also expressed overwhelming support for vaccinating teachers. Seventy-seven percent said teachers should be eligible for COVID vaccines right away.

Those findings come from a new survey of more than 1,000 U.S. WebMD readers who have children under the age of 16 living at home.

Among parents with children between the ages of 12 and 16:

  • 53{2429e7921b5e8c5cac99fc8a9c6a7860ed0b2b8af72470116d047870fe4c2698} said they would have their children vaccinated within a year of a shot being approved.
  • 24{2429e7921b5e8c5cac99fc8a9c6a7860ed0b2b8af72470116d047870fe4c2698} said they didn’t know what they would do.
  • 18{2429e7921b5e8c5cac99fc8a9c6a7860ed0b2b8af72470116d047870fe4c2698} said they definitely wouldn’t get their teens inoculated against COVID.

Those percentages shifted slightly among

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