Day: May 23, 2021

Why Is Nike Still Backing Alberto Salazar?

In early March, the Court of Arbitration for Sport read an enchantment from Alberto Salazar, the former coach of the Nike Oregon Venture, who in 2019 acquired a 4-yr suspension from United States Anti-Doping Agency for doping-related misconduct. The courtroom has yet to announce a conclusion about irrespective of whether the beleaguered coach’s ban will be upheld, decreased, or overturned—though he would appear to be to have a good shot at remaining exonerated. Immediately after all, Salazar’s attraction is currently being funded by Nike, the richest, most influential sports apparel company in the earth. The business has remained steadfast in its aid, even after Mary Cain publicly accused her previous mentor of abuse though she was a member of the Nike Oregon Venture in early 2020, Salazar was sanctioned with an extra ban from coaching by the U.S. Middle for SafeSport, an business that guards athletes from abuse. Would Nike

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