Day: June 4, 2021

Logan Paul on His Fans, Punching Mayweather, and ‘Making History’

I’m out, bro, I’m not in Miami that night. I’m likely to conquer Floyd Mayweather and go to some undisclosed location on a private jet, fly my friends out. Then we’re heading to occasion. I’m not keeping in Miami, also very hot on the block.

Ryan Hattaway

What’s next following this combat?

Extra boxing. I’m likely to choose this shit really, definitely significantly. I assume me and my brother are executing truly good factors for the sport, and we want to maintain accomplishing great things for the activity. Men and women hate on us, but clock in for a single second and know we’re just having began. In one yr, in two several years, in a few many years, when we’re seeking very good, when we’re knocking out execs, it’s heading to be genuinely tough to detest.

Every person has a journey, and everyone’s gotta get started someplace, and

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