Day: June 13, 2021

Meet Drake Deuel, the New King of the Strava KOM

This story was initially posted by VeloNews.

Drake Deuel’s postcollegiate path could have been reasonably very clear: function as a software engineer though coaching for a spot on the U.S. Olympic rowing workforce.

Now, as of a thirty day period ago, the 22-yr previous Harvard grad is a complete-time Strava KOM hunter who strategies to go back to get the job done in 6 months. I have my doubts.

On March 4, Deuel smashed Mike Woods’s eight-12 months-outdated KOM on the Haleakala ‘World’s Longest Paved Climb’ Strava section on the Hawaiian island of Maui by 3 minutes. A couple months in advance of that, he sustained a 430-watt effort for 17 minutes to acquire the Piuma highway climb KOM in Southern California from Phil Gaimon. 

That was the day immediately after he completed an eight-month internship as a program engineer at Zwift.

So why is Deuel, who doesn’t have

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