Day: July 3, 2021

The 6-Move Sliders Workout | Outside Online

There’s a lot to love about sliders. The versatile disc-shaped exercise tools that you place under your hands or feet during bodyweight moves add dynamic movement to your strength workout. This increases core engagement and amps up the difficulty of basic exercises like planks by activating more muscles at once. 

Sliders are small, portable, and work well on a number of surfaces, including wood, carpet, and linoleum, making them an easy addition to your at-home gym or travel workout kit. Plus, they’re affordable, at about $8 a pair.

Below, Nell Rojas, a Boulder, Colorado–based strength and conditioning specialist, running coach, and elite marathoner, shares a six-move slider workout for outdoor athletes. She incorporates sliders into her workouts about once a week and designed the below routine to activate the glutes and core, two major muscle groups that are critical for everything from hiking to swimming. The routine also targets the

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