Day: July 5, 2021

Priority Bicycles’ Apollo is the Perfect Bike for Non-Cyclists

I have no curiosity in getting to be a bicycle owner. The only bikes I have are rusty cruisers with major, springy seats about a foot large. I’d be down to pedal, but there is no way I am ever becoming a “bike man.” I’m not interested in 24-velocity drivetrains, clip-in footwear and complex routine maintenance. I’m not putting on Spandex or understanding a bunch of French racing phrases.

Hell, I do not truly even want to don a helmet. Mostly, I want to listen to Rancid and sweat out a bunch of miles.

Turns out, the Apollo, from Precedence Bicycles, is best for my unique established of desires, specially intended to not just be lower routine maintenance, but practically no servicing. You may possibly have to modify the hub oil each individual handful of years or 3,000 miles.

Are you using 3,000 miles?

The Apollo falls into the gravel

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