Day: September 18, 2021

Maui Nui Venison Brings an Invasive (and Delicious) Species Field to Table

Smack in the Pacific, countless numbers of miles from the nearest landmass, the Hawaiian Archipelago is as isolated as it will get. It’s the environment cash of endemism—with one particular of the greatest quantities of species present nowhere else on Earth. There are far more endangered species for every square mile below than any place else, producing the islands of Hawaii 1 of the planet’s most unique—and uniquely vulnerable—ecosystems.

Prior to human influence, new plants and animals carried by wind and drinking water were being exceptionally unusual here. A one new species built this commute every single 50,000 decades or so. Today, invasive species get there in Hawaii as soon as just about every 18 times. Most of the species on the island currently co-developed over millennia, generating a assorted and steady balance. Incorporate in a single dominant species though, depart it unchecked, and Hawaii’s sensitive ecosystem is in trouble.

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