Day: September 22, 2021

NIH ramps up testing for at-risk populations

Monica Webb Hooper, Ph.D.

As the U.S. carries on to struggle COVID-19, some communities have faced additional problems than other individuals. This is especially true when it comes to diagnostic tests entry and COVID-19 results. African American people, for case in point, are virtually three occasions as possible to be hospitalized for COVID-19 as opposed with White persons. They are approximately 2 times as probably to die from it much too. Hispanic and Latino individuals share comparable odds.

In reaction, NIH introduced a job previous tumble called Quick Acceleration of Diagnostics-Underserved Populations (RADx-UP). This task improves obtain to COVID-19 diagnostic exams in underserved communities most afflicted by the pandemic.

“There are populations that are facing a disproportionate load of this pandemic, not only as it relates to wellbeing, but other components such as

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