Day: September 26, 2021

The Future of Nature Therapy Is Psychedelic


“Everybody has one thing they’re battling with, and which is why they are right here.”

Bailey Nelson, a center-aged governing administration employee with dim, curly hair and eyeglasses, tells me this as we wander along the McKenzie a single early morning. (Nelson is applying a pseudonym to stay away from any troubles with her employer.) In a somber voice, she describes lifelong struggles with melancholy. She went by means of psychotherapy, antidepressants, the regular menu, but kept hitting the same wall. “I knew there was something there, I just could not obtain it,” she says as she appears to be like across the river. “I hadn’t gotten to the subsequent degree of thinking and consciousness, and which is what I felt I needed.”

With retirement approaching, Nelson made deep emotions of alienation and aimlessness. She lived in Portland, and despite the city’s attractive environmentally friendly surroundings, she felt slash

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