Day: October 18, 2021

The Record-Setting Life of Mike McCastle


McCastle’s mother, Gloria, an Air Power nurse initially from the Philippines, was demanding and protecting throughout his childhood in Illinois and New Mexico. He was nearer in identity to his father, an Air Drive law enforcement officer from Louisiana: easygoing, gentle-spoken, fascinated in the metaphysical as substantially as the corporeal.

Raymond McCastle Sr. struggled with a vast variety of well being troubles, which include Parkinson’s, cancer, heart attacks, and strokes. But he endured it all with astonishing power and grace. “My dad was a fighter,” McCastle states.

When McCastle and his older sister were young, Raymond read through them philosophy: Plato, Nietzsche, and Viktor Frankl. He was in particular fond of the Stoics—Seneca, Marcus Aurelius—and Epicurus, who all believed that self-regulate and fortitude have been the route to residing a virtuous and meaningful daily life. “It was way over my head,” McCastle states. “It wasn’t till I was more

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