Day: November 5, 2021

Update on Mike Sarraille’s Mt. Everest Skydiving Mission

When retired Navy SEAL Mike Sarraille set out to honor the legacy of the 31 Americans service members who lost their lives ten years ago on Extortion 17, he knew he had to go big. So when an opportunity presented itself to go skydiving near Mt. Everest with former US Navy SEAL Fred Williams and the elite team at Complete Parachute Solutions (CPS), Sarraille knew it was a perfect fit. 

On October 14, Sarraille and the CPS team set out on the two-week skydiving expedition into the Himalayas. Their goal is simple: to jump into the most extreme skydiving environment on Earth. Their challenges are plenty––lack of oxygen, unpredictable weather, confined landing zones, towering Himalayan peaks, and rugged terrain––and that doesn’t even take into account their trek to Ama Dablam base camp. 

Photo: Elia Saikaly

Sarraille has been documenting the expedition in Nepal and gave Men’s Journal an

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