Day: November 10, 2021

How do Coaches view diets with supplements?

Unfortunately, well-meaning parents and coaches who encourage young athletes to use nutritional supplements to increase performance or give nutrition “insurance” are mistaken. Megadoses of vitamin supplements, minerals, or other ergogenic aids have no place in a healthy child’s diet (dietary supplements that supposedly enhance performance above levels anticipated under standard conditions)

Many trainers believe that instilling a “food-first” approach in young athletes is as vital as teaching them to practice regularly, warm up, cool down and sleep well.

Unfortunately, adult-targeted fast cures frequently influence young athletes, leading them to go for protein smoothies and energy beverages. Because of their expanding bodies, young athletes are more dependent on the advantages of a proper food regimen.

Supplements don’t work.

  • The growth and development of a kid are not “accelerated” by dietary supplements.
  • How early a youngster enters puberty has little bearing on his maturity and athletic abilities.
  • Megadoses of supplements cannot
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