Day: November 18, 2021

Teen Social Media Posts About Cutting, Self-Harm Are Soaring

Along with other recent research, such findings suggest that “self-injury affects a substantial number of individuals, and that rates may be increasing,” Giordano said.

“As the prevalence of self-injury increases,” she continued, “it is not surprising that hashtags related to self-injury also are increasing on social media platforms.”

Giordano and her colleagues found several indications that this is exactly what’s happening.

For example, the team noted that while the hashtag #selfharm was almost never used in January 2018, by December, it accompanied more than 45,000 teen posts.

And by year’s end, only one of the five highlighted NSSI tags — #selfharmmm — saw a drop in overall usage.

As to what compels teens to share their self-harm experiences on social media, Giordano suggested they likely have several needs that they think apps like Instagram can fulfill.

And it could also reflect a risky

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