Day: November 19, 2021

Stem Cell Therapy Boosts Outcomes for Some Heart Failure Patients

By Dennis Thompson HealthDay Reporter

TUESDAY, Nov. 16, 2021 (HealthDay News)

Heart failure patients who fit a specific profile can benefit from injection of stem cells delivered directly into their heart muscle, a new study finds.

Patients with mild or moderate heart failure who have high levels of inflammation responded well to the stem cell injections, and experienced a decline in their risk of heart attacks, strokes and heart-related death, clinical trial results show.

Stem cells injected into targeted areas of a failing heart become activated by inflammation and start pumping out beneficial biochemicals, explained lead researcher Dr. Emerson Perin, medical director of the Texas Heart Institute in Houston.

“These cells are little factories of different proteins, cytokines and other products that then have an effect locally on the heart muscle cells,” Perin said, adding that the cells also help improve the health of blood vessels both large and small.

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