Day: November 23, 2021

Beginner Workout: Cycle 5, Week 2

EDITOR’S NOTE: For an in-depth description of the beginner workouts and the movements contained in them from their creator, Bret Hamilton, have a look at his article on getting started with this 12-week program.

Getting Started with the Beginner Workouts

If you are just starting out and are unfamiliar with the movements included in this cycle, please refer to the instructional videos included and make sure you understand the techniques involved and have access to the proper equipment and space.

Tracking your progress is invaluable in achieving the results you desire. It will aid you on your journey and help you make sure you’re using a load that is challenging enough to help you improve, but not so challenging that you’re risking burnout or injury.

The program is designed to be performed three times a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday would be ideal.It will help to build strength, improve coordination

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