Dorthy Rand

Sleep and Chronic Pain – How to Get A Good Night’s Sleep

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Sleep and chronic pain are closely related. A good night’s sleep relies on a calm and relaxed nervous system, and chronic pain isn’t exactly conducive to this. 

Sleep is how we regenerate our cells and stay alive. Less quality sleep, aside from making us more grumpy in the mornings, can reduce lifespan, and have severe short-term health drawbacks, not to mention the mental health consequences.

Basically, sleep is essential. And chronic pain… well let’s just say it wreaks havoc on even the most solid sleeping patterns. 

Chronic pain impacts both the quality and quantity of sleep 

Studies show that there’s both a causal link between lack of sleep and chronic pain, plus sleep is often interrupted by painful episodes. You may have had the experience where you had a long night’s sleep but have woken up even groggier than before – that’s because the quality of your sleep was poor. … Read More