Bathroom Tiles Information

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With an extravagant selection of tile types, colors and sizes available, a tiled bathroom can be fresh, innovative and stylish. Forget the traditional solid white or blue tiles for a bathroom and be creative. Tiles are waterproof (though they may have to be sealed), easy to clean and hygienic.


Ceramic, slate, marble, porcelain and glass tiles brisbane are suitable for bathrooms. You can just part of your bathroom, or you can cover every surface. Draw out a floor and wall plan for your bathroom, place the fixtures and experiment with designs to determine how you want to treat each surface. Think outside of the box. Not every rectangular surface has to be covered with a rectangular block. Think about an asymmetrical pattern, a pictorial mosaic, a geometric pattern that changes at each corner or a design using a few strategically placed hand-painted. Tile one wall halfway up and paint the remainder of the wall. Use different colors and different shapes to add interest to your design.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile is durable; comes in a wide variety of patterns, colors and sizes; and is reasonably priced. It is one bathroom tile that you can easily install yourself. Ceramic tiles are thin pieces of clay or a similar material hardened in an oven and usually glazed. They sometimes bear an embossed design. The disadvantage of ceramic is that it can vary in size and color from lot to lot. Thus, it is important to make certain that you buy all the tile you need from one lot.

Slate Tile

Slate is a metamorphic rock. Slate tiles can create an attractive floor covering. Since slate tiles can split along horizontal layers, they must be set on a very solid subfloor. Slate tiles are not recommended for vertical applications, and they should be installed by a professional.

Marble Tile

Marble has a unique surface pattern that makes it an attractive choice for tiling a bathroom, but it requires a lot of maintenance because it is a relatively soft stone. Marble tiles should be installed and sealed by a professional. You will need to seal the marble periodically to keep up the finish, clean up spills immediately and beware of acidic liquids, such as orange juice, which can etch the surface.

Porcelain Tile

Porcelain tile, like ceramic tile, is made of a glazed and fired clay. Porcelain is harder and denser than ceramic; it is scratch and stain resistant, nonporous and durable. Porcelain made from 30- to 50-percent recycled porcelain is available for a greener option. You can install porcelain yourself.

Glass Tile

Glass tile is available in numerous brilliant colors, surfaces and finishes. Because glass reflects light, glass tiles create a luminescent surface not attainable with ceramic or stone tile. Glass is easy to maintain and does not discolor. It is especially suitable for mosaics. You can install glass tile yourself, and you can find glass tile made from recycled glass.