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Oncologists Believe That CBD Benefits Cancer Patients

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A study conducted by the University of Colorado Cancer Center and published in EurekAlert! shows that while 93 percent of oncologists surveyed believe that CBD Oil products benefit cancer patients, only 46 percent of them have a prescription for medical cannabis.

The main concerns were about appropriate dosage, limited knowledge about available products and how to get them, as well as possible interactions with other drugs.

“I think we lack useful tools in some cases,” says Ashley E. Glode, PharmD, Assistant Professor at the Skaggs School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Science and the main author of the study.

The survey was conducted among 48 specialized oncologists, 47 doctors, 53 registered nurses and 17 pharmacists. 89% of those surveyed said that medical cannabis education and training programs could help physicians decide whether to prescribe medical marijuana or cannabis-based medicinal products.

Interestingly, 68% of the respondents received cannabis information from their patients, … Read More

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Cannabis Cures The Restless Leg Syndrome

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        Restless legs syndrome (RLS) is classified as a neurological disorder that can affect anyone of all ages. It becomes most painful when a person ages. Sometimes RLS is referred to as Willis-Ekbom’s disease or Wittmaack-Ekbom’s syndrome. Both names come from, among others, one of the first physicians to discover and identify RLS in 1943, Dr. Karl-Axel Ekbom.

        To qualify as RLS, a patient must meet five specific criteria. First, he needs to feel a strong need to move his legs, usually accompanied by an unpleasant feeling of subcutaneous crawling on his legs. Secondly, the willingness to move the leg must increase during periods of prolonged rest or inactivity. Thirdly, leg movement must relieve at least some of the unpleasant sensations. Fourthly, RLS must happen most often at night. Fifthly and finally, the need to move the legs cannot be explained by any other medical or psychological condition.

        As you can … Read More

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Buying a Car – Do’s and Don’ts

Forget talking heads who come on each week and wax forth on their favorite car. To hear them talk, taking a drive in one is akin to a religious experience. Read more about Wrongful Death Attorney Philadelphia.

Forget those glitzy magazines. They are just trying to sell their latest issue, and think nice pictures tell the story.

If you are in the market for a car, here is what to do.

Whether buying a used or new car, do your homework. Get to the basics. Go to the government statistics about recalls, history of the manufacturer on those recalls, if they have had to comply with unilaterally issued warnings from the government and check their record for the past 10 years.

Then go to an independent magazine like Consumer Report and check not only the model you intend to buy, but its previous versions. It will tell you about … Read More

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Presidential Election: Winner and Loser, How Gracious Were They?

Watching the presidential election coverage I wondered, how the two candidates felt as the returns streamed in? How would the “loser” prepare himself for his final speech? And how would the “winner” present himself as he delivered that all-important acceptance speech to the American public?

It was after midnight, when Governor Mitt Romney proudly walked on stage, by himself, greeting his supporters and proceeding to deliver his concession speech. His remarks were gracious and short, congratulating President Obama and calling on lawmakers and job creators to look beyond political lines and solve the problems facing the country.

Michelle Obama and their daughters, Sasha and Malia, escorted President Barack Obama, on stage as he greeted his supporters and acknowledging his re-election as President of the United States. Inspiring and patriotic, Obama remarks included painting a vision of a bipartisan nation and promising “the best is yet to come”.

Both men did … Read More

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Unemployment Numbers and Presidential Elections Considered

It seems that just prior to the 2012 general elections, at a time we would also be choosing either a new president or four more years of the old one, there was quite a bit of chaos in the last three months running up to the election, mostly concerning our job numbers. The unemployment rate seems to be on a roller coaster ride. What was going on? Sure, in an election year anything can happen and these types of statistics have been doctored and manipulated before by past presidential administrations. However, would this current administration dare to do that? Well, let’s talk shall we?

Some of the roller coaster ride certainly had to do with the Federal Reserve’s QE3 (third round of quantitative easing) and the normal seasonal employment gyrations. Still, that doesn’t explain it all. Do voters lookout for such things, is it a deciding factor in the election? … Read More