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Introducing Team USA’s Olympic Skateboarding Uniforms

As you undoubtedly know, Nike released their Olympic Skateboarding uniform collection not too long ago for the four Olympic Skateboard Federations they sponsor: Brazil, France, Japan, and United states. Nike shipped a handsome clothing collection, but not anyone is pleased with it. The selection to not protect clothing as “performance equipment” has most likely unfavorable penalties for the potential of skateboarding’s ecosystem.


It’s exciting that there’s not a solitary uniform, but somewhat plural: uniforms. It’s a snazzy collection that offers a variety of solutions for the skaters to use in competitiveness.

“It’s far more of a package of sections than an actual uniform,” Kelly Fowl at Nike explained. “Because we were being genuinely cognizant about the panic of the Olympics and that skateboarding would have this homogenized seem through a typical uniform. So we produced a giant collection of clothing that bundled anything at all that we could

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