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Sir Patrick Stewart & Mark Hamill Talk ‘Star Wars’ and ‘Star Trek’ Memories

For lots of of us, Mark Hamill and Sir Patrick Stewart would have their faces carved in our Mount Rushmore of onscreen heroes. So the thought of these two legends hanging out with us in a person conversation was nearly as well considerably epic to deal with. But that’s accurately what occurred this weekend when we jumped on the cell phone with Hamill and Sir Stewart to focus on their iconic figures that have described our lifestyle, the lessons realized, and the Uber Eats campaign that ultimately introduced them onto a sound stage with each other.

When you are requested to think back on your early times on the sets of Star Wars and Star Trek, what will come to your mind first?

MH: There are so lots of amazing recollections. Acquiring to perform with so lots of innovative individuals was an immense privilege. I will constantly have a

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