Halloween safety: Recommendations for trick-or-treaters

Make Halloween basic safety component of your vacation enjoyment. Start with these sensible Halloween basic safety ideas.

By Mayo Clinic Staff

Young children enjoy Halloween simply because of the costumes and treats. But the getaway also delivers severe protection pitfalls. Kids are 2 times as most likely to be hit by a vehicle on Halloween as they are other evenings of the yr. Burns and cuts also are widespread on Halloween, and then there are difficulties induced by candy.

Halloween can be safely liked — especially when dad and mom place care into scheduling and supervision. Stick to these tips to continue to keep your spouse and children protected.

Carve safely

Right before you decorate your pumpkins, take into account these security rules:

  • Look at alternate options to carving. Enhance with markers, glitter glue or paint. Let young youngsters attract faces on pumpkins with artwork