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Is Havana Syndrome Real? Here’s What History Can Tell Us

By Paul Rogers

In 2016, CIA officers in Havana, Cuba, started out having unexplained wellbeing problems. They documented a persistent piercing sound followed by indicators together with problems, nausea, vertigo, hassle concentrating, and memory decline. Was it a new problem? Or was it the most up-to-date incidence of the generations-old phenomenon of mass psychogenic ailment, previously named mass hysteria?

Due to the fact 2016, hundreds of incidents of what is now dubbed “Havana syndrome” have been recorded by U.S. intelligence and Foreign Service staff in a rising record of worldwide locations, like Russia and China. As most were being working in hotbeds of espionage, surrounded by standard U.S adversaries, many in the American govt and media soon started to suspect foul participate in.

Some others are skeptical, theorizing that mass psychogenic disease (MPI) is definitely at the rear of Havana syndrome. “Mass hysteria is an outbreak of a physical ailment

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