Five Best Healthy Food Delivery Services in the Uk

 Despite our busy schedules, busy lifestyle, and personal challenges, Having a healthy cooked meal is a luxury our body needs. Having a healthy cooked meal delivered to your doorstep eases a lot of burden for us. 

Since the government has placed limited restrictions and aside from the luxury of time saved from cooking, food delivery services offered help in solving the problem of physical contact with people.  

Having healthy meals and products delivered to you also curbs the habit of eating takeaway foods from the supermarket, which mostly contain a high level of fat and sugar and a few servings of healthy vegetables you need. 

Ordering healthy foods can give you a choice of what to eat anytime. Some UK delivery services can provide you with healthy food that can last as long as a week, and all you have to do is store it in the fridge and microwave it when you need it. 

 These are some of the UK’s best healthy food delivery services. 

  1. Love Yourself

Having healthy meals boosts your self-esteem because it helps boost your immune system, helps you maintain wellness and good body fitness, Saves you from diseases caused by junk and excess sugar. Love yourself provides meal plans for fitness goals, keto diets, and vegan diets. 

Their website has a calorie calculator that allows you to watch your calorie intake and determine how many calories you need.   Isn’t that wonderful? They also have subscription plans that allow you to order your food at specific times and days according to your interest.

  1. All Plants

Like its name, All Plants is entirely plant-based.  If you’re particularly interested in vegan meals, this is your sure bet. The chef-made food comes in frozen packs and takes about ten minutes to heat up in the microwave. They have a six-meal watch your calorie option, a twelve-meal option, and a low-calorie option on their menu. Plants are nature’s gift for good health and a longer lifespan. They deliver five days a week except for Mondays and Thursdays.

  1. Tweakd

If you have sports goals like burning down calories, building muscle, and high endurance levels, this frozen meal delivery service should be your best bet. It was set up by a sports nutritionist and a master chef, so you know you’re simultaneously having access to tasty meals and the proper nutrition geared towards your goals. 

Another nice thing about them is that cold-pressed juice comes with every meal; you can reuse the packages that come with the meals.

  1. The Good Prep  

When it comes to deciding which type of healthy food to order, The Good Prep makes it easy. They have different types of food plans for certain purposes. The weight-loss food plan, the plan for weight gain, and also a general option food plan. 

Aside from having an easy-to-use website that guides you on placing orders, the good prep also gives extras like juices and snacks alongside your meal. With a piece of clear information on the prices and nutritional value of every meal, the good prep is an organized delivery service that can provide you with good healthy meals at your doorstep.

  1. The Transformation Chef

If you’re solely looking for tasty but delicious healthy chef-made meals and nothing more like calories intake,  the transformation chef is the sure bet. They have a wide variety of meals with chicken and fish with flavours that satisfy your taste buds. 

They also have plans depending on different numbers of people. There is a six-meal starter plan and a twelve-meal plan which comes with a few snacks. Both plans have vegan options. The transformation chef is prompt on deliveries every Tuesday morning, and they are quite affordable.


Cooking can be tedious, sometimes owing to a busy lifestyle of feeling lazy to cook your food. Technology has helped humankind solve almost all its problems in a lot of ways. Whatever you desire, whether to lose weight or gain weight or be on a strict diet, food delivery services will always be at your doorstep when you call on them.