September 25, 2022


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How Does Laser Therapy Work To Promote Weight Loss?

Research studies have shown that laser treatments, when properly used, can be helpful in promoting weight loss. This therapy has been in popular use in Europe for 25 years for this purpose, but has just lately begun to be used in North America. Presently there are many believers in the use of this method in the United States and Canada, including many doctors and other medical professionals who have used it themselves with success, to lose considerable weight in a period of just several weeks. The obvious question is how does laser treatment help you to lose weight and how does it work?

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The answer is that it is used to reduce food cravings, and to suppress feelings of hunger. Non-invasive cold, low intensity lasers are used to treat well known acupuncture points on the face and body. The patient can sit comfortably in a recliner type of chair, and then the technician directs laser beams onto the acupuncture points which are known to assist with this. These points may be situated on the ears, the elbows, the knees, the fingers and on the toes commonly, although there are also a number of other known treatment points which could be used. The cold, low intensity beam is quite harmless and also non-invasive, and it is pain-free. This stimulates the bodies metabolism resulting in the effective digestion and proper use of foods, rather than producing fat storage.

The patient should try to work with the clinic so as to make adjustments to the therapy, as needed to suit personal requirements. The provision of the treatment, should be customized in any way required to match the needs of the individual. Good laser clinics Australia offer advice, post application follow up, and any necessary motivation and guidance as to suitable food and diet. Some will provide complete and ongoing support with a telephone help line that is available round the clock daily, or at least for business hours.

The process is also known to be of help in lowering your stress levels. Use of the right body acupuncture points can cause endorphins to be released in the human brain. Any increase in the level of endorphins makes the patient feel very good, and also causes reduced production of cortisol which is the stress hormone. When less stress occurs and the individual feels good, food cravings will be much reduced.

Another happy result is decreased hunger, so that smaller meal portions are enough to satisfy the appetite. There is also less craving for sweet foods, and physical activity is likely to increase. It is still wise of course to remain on a good diet plan. Consume more fruits and vegetables while eating as little as possible of fats, sugary foods and processed white flour.

These weight loss Buy litecoin India treatments will result in more energy for most people. Exercise is certainly a most important part of any good weight loss regimen. Really hard exercise is not necessary however, and may be harmful to those unaccustomed to it. A good start is to walk for as little as five minutes every day, for a short period of time, then to slowly increase this walking time till it reaches 30 to 45 minutes per day at a reasonable pace.