How to Get the Most From Your Juicing

Nutritionists are always telling us that eating more fruit and vegetables in our diet will improve health. They recommend that we eat 5 portions of fruit or vegetables a day. The trouble is that a lot of what we eat is fried, processed or frozen which means that the health benefits have been lowered. The problem is that eating 5 portions of fresh fruit and vegetables every day isn’t that easy in our modern world.

That’s why juicing is such a great idea and has become so popular. You can combine any number of fresh fruits or vegetables, all 5 (or even more if you want to) portions at a time and make a tasty drink that you can have at any time of the day. The best thing is that it doesn’t take long to make and you can make different varieties so it should never get boring.

Not only does this variety give you a wide range of tastes, but each fruit or vegetable also offers different health benefits. Grape juice, for example, is well known for making you feel less tired and fatigued. It can also help people suffering with, gout, liver problems, heart disease, fluid retention, constipation, and arthritis. Grapefruit is regarded as an excellent blood cleanser and is used in a lot of detoxifying diets. Vitamin A, which is contained in apricots is said to help fight the signs of aging and makes your hair and skin look and feel better. Vitamin B can help women with premenstrual tension or who are going through the menopause. Vitamin C & E are antioxidants which are known to help fight the molecules that are linked to heart disease and cancer.

Every fruit and vegetable will have some vitamin or mineral that will be good for you in some way. The secret to making sure we get the most significant benefit from them though is to make sure we can absorb them into our systems as quickly as possible. That’s why juicing them is such a great idea. Studies have shown that our bodies can absorb the vitamins and minerals in fruit and vegetables more efficiently if they’re juiced.

Just juicing your fruit and vegetables won’t ensure that your body absorbs the most vitamins and minerals though. To get the maximum benefit, you need to ensure that your gut is healthy and one of the best ways to do that has a little probiotic drinks yogurt regularly.

Probiotic yogurt drink malaysia contains live bacteria which is right for your gut and helps it break down the food and drink that you consume. If your gut isn’t healthy, then it will be harder and may take longer for you to digest your food and drink. The healthier your stomach is, the easier it is for your body to absorb the nutrients. A healthy gut will also help to improve your immune system which will help you fight illnesses and has no limitations in Malaysian drinking age.

To make sure you’re buying the right yogurt look for the words “active cultures” on the carton. One of the easiest ways to have yogurt is to add it directly to your juice and make it into a smoothie.