Lawyers Use Tort Law to Protect Your Rights

When unreasonable actions by one party result in harming someone else, it is unlawful. Based on this tort law, the person who causes the harm should be held accountable. Even if the action is not intentional, as long as it inflicts physical or emotional pain and suffering on the other individual, it may be necessary to seek compensation. When someone receives personal injury due to the negligence of another, he/she may have a case against the perpetrator. However, as opposed to taking the law into their own hands, it would be wise to retain the service of a trial lawyer.

It is unwise for injured persons to take the law into their own hands by retaliating and returning wrong actions. They will have to face the consequences. It is also not recommended that they represent themselves in a court of law. Not only will they have to prove their cases to a judge or jury, but they may also have to fight greedy insurance companies. Herein lies the wisdom of allowing a Car Accident Attorney Kansas City to do what he/she does best, that is, provide proper and adequate representation.

Incidences that may cause personal injuries to others include automobile accidents, medical malpractice, nursing home abuse, slip-and-fall, and work-related occurrences. These may result in loss of wages due to the inability to work, temporary or permanent disability, and out-of-pocket expenses. In addition to experiencing pain and suffering, paying for assisted care, medical attendance, and purchasing prescription drugs, many people encounter a reduced quality of life.

Victims may qualify for compensation, which can help to offset medical bills and other expenditures. Although automobile drivers, employers, medical facilities, and other perpetrators are insured against such actions, insurance companies despise payouts. They are, however, more likely to settle out of court with a financially-secured and well-known law firm. Settling would eliminate possible loss of cases in court. This translates to a trial lawyer who is qualified to aggressively pursue a personal injury case being able to save the day for an innocent victim.

In the State of Florida, where obtaining compensation from insurers have become more complicated, legal representation is highly recommended. Due to changes to the personal injury protection insurance coverage requirements, victims now have only two weeks to make a claim. This is terrible news for persons whose injuries seem minor but worsen later. Using tort law, a trial lawyer protects clients’ present and future.