Malegra: Buy Malegra cheap price 2022

Malegra is an erectile dysfunction treating oral medication recommended to patients with impotency issues. Impotency is one of the most prominent issues amongst the men as young as thirty or above. It has taken a toll on many people’s sexual life and have deprived them of all the sexual pleasures. 

Causes for erectile dysfunction in patients with diabetes

Diabetes and related conditions damage the nerves and tissues associated with achieving and maintaining an erection. 60-70% of the people with diabetes have suffered from nerve damage or neuropathy. Diabetes also accelerates the process of endothelial dysfunction or damage to the endothelial layer.

 This layer maintains proper dilation and constriction of blood vessels that control blood flow. Oral medication requires sexual stimulation (nerves) and require blood flow (endothelium) and if damaged from diabetes, pills won’t be as effective. 

Men with diabetes and ED may develop coronary artery disease (CAD) symptoms 2 to 3 years after impotence and likely will experience a cardiovascular event, such as a heart attack or stroke, within 3-5 years. Apart from just diabetes various other reasons are:

Age factor

Poor glycemic control

Presence of microvascular complications

Diuretic treatment

Cardiovascular diseases

Neurological issues

Lifestyle of an individual- by introducing healthy choices like diet, exercise/physical activity, weight loss, quit smoking, reducing stress etc.

Dietary intake

ED and heart disease connection

ED may be a warning sign of more serious issues. It can also be an indicator of silent (non-symptomatic) coronary artery disease (CAD). ED is an independent risk factor for future cardiovascular event, and it can also be correlated with the extent of heart disease. ED precedes CAD symptoms or silent CAD in almost 70% of the cases. 

Storage instructions

It is preferable for the medicines shelf life to store it in a cooler and darker place. Keep it away from sunlight or any externalities such as moisture and other contaminants. The medicine can undergo chemical reactions if kept under non-favorable conditions. 


This Malegra 100 is readily available in the shops locally. It can also be found in varying measure of dosage on the online and offline stores. These medicines are generic in nature; hence availability of such medicines is never an issue.

Side effects

Some of the most occurred side effects of the medicine are:

Nauseated feeling


bleeding from the nose


flushing of the skin

There might also be some rare side effects visible with patients of underlying conditions or in case of an overdosage:

pain in the chest

pain in the muscles or back

vision impairment (it might lead to some blurriness in the vision making it quite difficult to see things clearly)

priapism (painful elongated period of erection which might be uncomfortable)

breathing difficulty (breathlessness might occur)

Stroke (people with already underlying heart conditions may witness these effects in severe cases of overdosage or side effects)

Hearing loss (in extreme cases slight ringing in the ears or deafness may be seen)


Talking to your healthcare provider about ED symptoms could help identify and prevent progression of heart disease and reduce the likelihood of a heart.

It is always suggested that two or more medicines with the same salt and active ingredient must not be taken. It is always recommendable to consult your doctor regarding the already running medicines to get an overview of what you can or cannot consume while on medication. 

Alcohol consumption must be strictly avoided. The medicine tends to not work well with alcoholic content inside your body as it interferes with the medicine’s working principle. It might also make you dizzy as it tampers with your blood pressure lowering the effect of the medication.

Patients with already prevailing allergies or medication must first inform the doctor before continuing with the medication.

Patient must ensure avoiding operating heavy machinery as the medicine might sometimes give a feeling of light-headedness and might make the person feel dizzy.

Keep the medicines out of children’s reach. It must also be kept out of pet’s reach. The medicine may induce side effects to the recipient’s (children) body.


The patient must strictly adhere to the recommended dosage and not consume anything more than the prescribed amount. It is possible that the patient might develop severe side effects due to overdosage.