Modern Double Bathroom Brisbane Can Be Wall-Hung Too

Bathroom vanities have been the part of bathroom decor since long. However, it is not until recently that there have been so many variations in its shape, size and material. Traditionally, it was manufactured just as a cabinet, but its main function was to hold the bathroom sink and hide the plumbing. The space under the sink was utilized by putting up a few shelves and drawers so that bathroom linen and toiletries could be stored conveniently. It was more or less a functional piece if furniture that was often so beautifully made that it added style and glamour to the bathroom.

Contemporary bathroom brisbane are just that; functional pieces of bathroom furniture, but with a difference. It is that they compulsorily add glamour and style to the whole decor. These are no longer made by woodworkers alone, though wood can be a material used. Vanities made from glass, stone and metals are also found in plenty. Often two or three materials are used in tandem to produce a striking effect. Therefore, before you buy a bathroom vanity, search through the internet to have a look at the range of the available products.

Before we go on, let me assure you that, because we are asking you to look over the internet, it does not mean that we are recommending online shopping only. It is up to you only. Know that, if you are careful and follow the rules, online shopping is as safe as anything else is. Moreover, it is hassle free, easy and less expensive too. You can search and order in your free time from the comfort of your home. What is more, you generally get the merchandise at a cheaper rate because there is lesser overhead.

Let us now talk a little about contemporary bathroom vanities, but before that let me tell you that it is not the only kind of vanities available today. You can also find them in antique and transitional style. The antique vanities are heavy and ornate while the transitional vanities are less so. The contemporary vanities are more linear in style. Some experts even differentiate between a modern and contemporary vanity and say that the later is more minimalist in style than the former.

However, all these differentiation is merely technical. For us it is important to choose a vanity that is going to serve our purpose and suit our decor. However, before you do that, undertake the following exercise:

  • Measure your bathroom, taking note of all the odd corners.
  • Where are you going to put your vanity? Give due importance both to convenience and to style.
  • Measure the place you are going to put it. How large is the vanity going to be? They come in all sizes today.
  • Go through all available models and try to visualize each in your own set up.
  • Decide which material is going to suit the decor best.
  • Decide on the style as well. Is it going to be modern, transitional or antique?

People with modern bathroom set up naturally prefer modern vanities. Modern double bathroom vanity is for you if the space is large or if more than one people need to use the bathroom simultaneously. It also comes useful if clothes need to hand washed often enough. These vanities have two sinks instead of one and naturally have larger countertops as well. This comes in handy when you have many toiletries to keep at hand. In short, such a vanity is useful if you have space for it.

It is not only the space, but also the illusion of space that counts. Some material helps you to create that while others are more helpful in creating the opposite illusion. A modern double vanity in glass is big, but as it is transparent, it does not seem to occupy as much space as it does. A black vanity on the other hand is more prominent can easily be used to create the focal point.

Therefore, do not buy a vanity because your sister has bought something similar and it looks grand in her bathroom. It is not only the size and shape of the bathroom that counts, but it is also the other decor that is important. Moreover, if you require a lot of storage space a minimalist design may not suit you. Then again, if you have little floor space to spare, you may have to opt for wall-hung vanities. Consider all these before you choose your vanity. Remember modern double bathroom vanity can be wall-hung too.