Paddling Safety 101: Always Dress for Immersion

This short article was manufactured beneath a grant from the Activity Fish Restoration and Boating Belief Fund, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard.

In accordance to Murphy’s regulation, what ever can go completely wrong, most certainly will go completely wrong. And when you are planning to start any paddling trip, your outerwear alternatives require to follow this chance. That suggests: If you are heading to be on the h2o, you require to be ready to be in the h2o.

Following most effective security methods commences with the proper equipment. Beyond a safe boat or board and the important life jacket, the up coming most vital piece of equipment is your clothing. Constantly believe that you could conclude up in the h2o, divided from your craft, and prepare for it—especially when paddling in chilly h2o, wherever hypothermia can set in rapidly. That suggests dressing in nicely-insulating layers, and relying on a wetsuit or a drysuit, when dictated by the temperature of the h2o, not the air. Gown for immersion just about every time you paddle.

Soon after all, the most effective offense is great defense. If you foresee an errant swim and system accordingly, you will be certain an fulfilling paddling tour.

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