Malegra: Buy Malegra cheap price 2022

Malegra is an erectile dysfunction treating oral medication recommended to patients with impotency issues. Impotency is one of the most prominent issues amongst the men as young as thirty or above. It has taken a toll on many people’s sexual life and have deprived them of all the sexual pleasures. 

Causes for erectile dysfunction in patients with diabetes

Diabetes and related conditions damage the nerves and tissues associated with achieving and maintaining an erection. 60-70% of the people with diabetes have suffered from nerve damage or neuropathy. Diabetes also accelerates the process of endothelial dysfunction or damage to the endothelial layer.

 This layer maintains proper dilation and constriction of blood vessels that control blood flow. Oral medication requires sexual stimulation (nerves) and require blood flow (endothelium) and if damaged from diabetes, pills won’t be as effective. 

Men with diabetes and ED may develop coronary artery disease (CAD) symptoms 2 to … Read More