Playful Medium Length Hairstyles for Women

Are you getting bored with your long tresses? Do you long for a fresh look but don’t want to chop your hair super short? You could always opt for one of the many popular medium length hairstyles that are trending this year.

Medium length hairstyles leave room for a number of styling options.  You don’t have to sacrifice all of your length for a super cute hairstyle. Trimming a few inches off your hair will make it more healthy by removing some of the weight and split ends.

Mid length haircuts are the perfect compromise for the woman who is torn between letting her hair grow longer or cutting it short. But what exactly does one consider to be mid length hair?

Short haircuts reach the chin level and long hair is anything beneath the armpits so medium length is anywhere between the two. It is also described as mid-length or shoulder-length.

If you are still not sure if you want a mid-length haircut, let us sway you with some of the following advantages of medium length hairstyles.

Advantages of Medium Length Hairstyles

  1. If your long hair is weighing you down, a mid-length cut will add new life and volume.
  2. If you have straight hair, shoulder-length hairstyles add texture and body.
  3. Naturally curly and wavy hair will have more bounce and less frizz with a mid-length hairstyle.
  4. You will still have a ton of ways to style your hair when it’s shoulder-length.
  5. Adding some layers to a mid-length cut can add volume to thin  hair to make it look even fuller.
  6. Your hair will not be as prone to breakage, split ends and knots with a mid-length hairstyle.
  7. As opposed to a short hairstyle, you won’t have to have your hair cut as often with a medium length haircut.
  8. You will still be able to style your hair with all the trendy hair accessories including headscarves, hair bands, clips, hats, ribbons and the like.
  9. There are countless ways to fix your hair including braids, ponytails, updos, half-updos and so forth.
  10. There is a mid-length hairstyle that will flatter every bone structure as well as type of hair (i.e.: thick, thin, wavy, curly, straight, natural).
  11. With all the options for hair color that are available today, you will never run out of fun ways to dye your hair (balayage, ombre, streaks, highlights, babylights, lowlights, etc.)

Trendy Types of Medium Length Hairstyles for 2020

Following are just some of the mid-length haircuts that are trending this year:

  • Disconnected shaggy lob (long bob)
  • Long bob with fringe
  • Shag haircut with shaggy short bangs
  • Asymmetrical wavy lob
  • Classic straight A-line lob
  • Wavy lob with razored ends
  • Long lob with side shave or undercut
  • Long blunt lob with side bangs
  • Lob with textured layers
  • Angled lob

As well, there are countless ways to style your hair from beach waves to Dutch braids to elegant chignons to space buns. Get ready to embrace a sexy new look for 2020!