Priority Bicycles’ Apollo is the Perfect Bike for Non-Cyclists

I have no curiosity in getting to be a bicycle owner. The only bikes I have are rusty cruisers with major, springy seats about a foot large. I’d be down to pedal, but there is no way I am ever becoming a “bike man.” I’m not interested in 24-velocity drivetrains, clip-in footwear and complex routine maintenance. I’m not putting on Spandex or understanding a bunch of French racing phrases.

Hell, I do not truly even want to don a helmet. Mostly, I want to listen to Rancid and sweat out a bunch of miles.

Turns out, the Apollo, from Precedence Bicycles, is best for my unique established of desires, specially intended to not just be lower routine maintenance, but practically no servicing. You may possibly have to modify the hub oil each individual handful of years or 3,000 miles.

Are you using 3,000 miles?

The Apollo falls into the gravel category—bikes that can be ridden any where. Get out on the street for severe teaching. Begin pedaling to function like you keep saying you are likely to. Smash it through the woods. Even for a utility bike, this is constructed to be tremendous versatile—a light-weight, rapidly, affordable bicycle that can provide as your everyday driver. It is also their initially gravel bike—and a lot more importantly, the only generation gravel bicycle with a belt drive, internally geared 11-pace hub, and drop bar shifters for pace and responsiveness hybrid characteristics.

Now, it is very likely that you haven’t listened to of Priority Bicycles. It is a small company started by Dave Weiner, 1 of these fantastic software package CEOs who leaves the corpo planet to commence a corporation dependent far more in line with his possess beliefs. He had a biking history and received fatigued of getting questioned by his buddies which bicycle they ought to obtain. Essentially, he quit his work to commence a bicycle organization and develop the correct sort of bike they need to purchase that did not have to have a tune-up of every moving aspect each and every time they needed to ride.

Commonly these form of stories aren’t that straightforward. This one particular is.

His aim was to retain assistance personable, value realistic and use as easy as attainable. Initial off, it moves. The shifting and braking are basic and responsive and can be done all with one hand. Low routine maintenance is also a good selection if you do not have a garage or workspace. If you are not positive how to retain it, you’re considerably less possible to use your bicycle.

And even though the complete line of long lasting bikes in good shape this description, perhaps none far better embodies the concept than the Apollo, a gentle bike you can seize, pound absent on any type of terrain, rinse it (or don’t?) and just preserve on dwelling your existence.

Acquire the most popular elements of bikes that have to have servicing: cassettes that collect gathered road junk and gravel dust, derailleurs that get gunked up and chains that have to have greasing and replacing. Now reduce all of them.

Priority’s signature is a grease-absolutely free Gates Carbon Travel belt (will not rust both, which is awesome in coastal spots with salty air). Carbon means it also won’t break. And the treatment is actually a rapid hose off.

Apollo Priority Bicycle

The Apollo indicates you will never ever have to look at a YouTube video of a European conveying how to gauge chain wear. No disrespect to tech gear folk. They are liable for advancing each sport we like. But we’re specifically chatting about a bicycle for individuals who aren’t cyclists. And here’s the thing—bike lovers appreciate it as perfectly, which speaks to the quality and ahead-contemplating structure. It could be the all-arounder you’ve been seeking for. It comes in 4 sizes to assure efficient match and also travels extremely very well.

Checking down the list, the Apollo has stock, tubeless-ready 40mm gravel tires: fast on the pavement, continuous on filthy. You could even get this thing on some straightforward mountain terrain.

And should you begin to feel your self becoming…a…bike guy…the Apollo is open to additional technological updates. But you can cross that bridge when you arrive to it.

Priority Apollo
The not-bike-guy creator with the Apollo gravel bike slowly convincing him in any other case.



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