SEO Tips For Achieving First Page Ranking in Google

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Most of the website owners keep wondering about ways to get to that elusive first page ranking in Google for their website. Most of the times, this happens because they rarely know what the search engine is actually looking for. Some of the tips that can be followed to gain an insight into this can be enlisted as follows:

  1. Slow servers cause problems: the main foundation on which the presence of the website is based upon is the hosting. Having a shaky server not only hampers the indexing of the web pages but also results in the increasing frequency of 404 messages causing the website to get downgraded in the Google’s index. Any server having a bad guarantee uptime or is in general, slow, the website is sure to have issues regarding its ranking in the search engine result pages.
  2. Have more relevant Links: if your website has a number of outside backlinks directing the user to the website, the website would be indexed more properly than in any other scenario. This is, however, a relatively newer approach, as Google now uses the page rank of a website while taking any decision regarding how many pages to be indexed from the website.
  3. Google doesn’t like paid listings: Google has a standing policy of detecting and adjusting the paid links in such a way that they do not affect search engine ranking results unfairly. It has long been adamant on its position that advertisements should not have any kind of effect on the search results.
  4. Website ranking and page rank sculpting: this is a comparatively new on page SEO North Brisbane technique that I being used by the websites today. It involves preserving the page rank on a single page to avoid being squandered. However, there is little to be gained from this technique a Google can override it anytime it thinks that important information is being excluded from being properly indexed.
  5. No Javascript links for website navigation: There are many Java script issues that Google has regarding the indexing of the websites. Though the script is not as forbidden as it once was, a person incorporating these in the site navigation should also search for another way that can guide the search engines to the relevant web pages.
  6. Problems caused by low quality pages: as obvious, the quality of the web pages of a site helps Google in deciding the status of the site itself. If the pages have low quality, then the Google web crawlers may not crawl as many pages as they should or may even stop indexing the site altogether. Thus, it pays to have high quality and unique content on your website.
  7. No affiliate Pages: considering the on- going fight of Google against spamming, this hardly comes as a surprise.

Keeping in mind these seo tips, one can plan a coherent and efficient strategy to get their website placed among the top search results of the Google.

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