Short Bob Haircuts with Bangs: The Trending New Look For Women Of All Ages

Bob haircuts are timeless and true. They never seem to fall out of favor and 2019 is no exception. Short bob with bangs are one of the trendiest looks for women of all ages and walks of life.

Why a bob haircut with bangs? Does fringe really make that much difference? Isn’t fringe a thing of the past? Find the answer to your questions as well as some hot looks for short hair on our site. Click here for the best looks for short bob haircuts with fringe.

If you are a bit wary of cutting your hair into a short bob with bangs, you need to cast aside your fears! Bob haircuts are super chic and sexy! And fringe is the new hot look, especially when it comes to short hairstyles like pixie cuts or bob hairstyles.

What is a Bob Hairstyle?

Bob haircuts are believed to date back to the early 1900s, mainly 1918-20s, when an actress by the name of Irene Castle first sported this trendy short hairstyle. It is also believed to have been attributed to women that worked in hospitals and factories during World War II. The shorter style was easy to maintain and keep out of the way as women were becoming more active in the workforce on the home front due to the war effort. Since Irene Castle was the first actress to showcase this look the haircut was named after her, originally called the “Castle Bob,” which was soon shortened to “bob.”

During the Roaring Twenties, the French Bob, or Flapper Bob, became a big hit with women of modern thinking. The French Bob is making a huge comeback today, with its chin-length layers and short fringe.

Pros of Bob Haircuts with Bangs

  1. Bob haircuts with bangs are flattering for most face shapes.
  2. Bob haircuts are an ideal way to add texture to your hair.
  3. A bob style will dry very quickly and does not typically require a great deal of time or energy to style.
  4. Bob haircuts are great for those hot and humid summer days!
  5. Bob haircuts with hangs are very sexy!
  6. Bob hairstyles are perfect for those with an active lifestyle, such as athletes,
  7. Bob haircuts will never go out of style!

Hairstyles for Bob with Bangs

  1. French Bob
  2. Inverted Bob
  3. Stacked Bob
  4. Wavy Bob
  5. Asymmetrical Bob
  6. A-Line Bob
  7. Curly Bob
  8. Bob with Side Shave
  9. Undercut Bob
  10. Blunt Bob

Types of Fringe for Bob with Bangs

  1. Wispy Bangs
  2. Side Swept Bangs
  3. Bettie Page Bangs
  4. Choppy Bangs
  5. Baby Bangs
  6. Blunt Cut Bangs
  7. Parted Bangs
  8. Shaggy Bangs

Keep in mind that you will need to visit your stylist for a trim to keep your short bob with bangs looking its best. Depending on how quickly your hair grows, this can be anywhere from four weeks to three months. But you will soon see it is worth the upkeep!

From inverted bobs to stacked bobs to a chic and slick French bob, there are dozens of options for short bob with bangs. Check out some of our favorite looks for short bobs with bangs below and look on our site for even more trendy short bobs with or without fringe.