3 Delicious Healthy Comfort Food Recipes That Also Make Great Leftovers

So you’re stuck indoors, away from friends, most likely starting up to go a minimal stir-outrageous. How about upping your cooking activity and placing these 3 recipes together? It is not that they’re just healthy—we’re eager to guess that these foods will also supply an extra dose of comfort and ease and make the extended days cooped up within a minimal a lot more pleasant (with out increasing your waistline).

Erin McGrady for Men’s Journal

Mom’s Handmade Chili

What’s not to love about a home made chili that not only preferences good, but also provides a mouth-watering aroma to your living place for hours before it’s even all set?

Helps make four servings prep time, twenty minutes cook time, 1 hour and thirty minutes


  • 1 ½ lbs organic floor beef (we employed 75 percent lean to 25 per cent fats)
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