8 Unusual Olympic LIfting Cues That Get Results

Olympic lifting is one of the most significant-level, talent-primarily based, athletic things to do one can accomplish. No other design of lifting requires the same level of coordination, focus, and depth than a weighty thoroughly clean and jerk or snatch.


Olympic lifts call for coaching cues to establish suitable motor designs



I have been extremely lucky in my coaching career to have been brought up by some correct masters in the game. About two months into my coaching career, I attended the NSCA’s Activity Certain Teaching Convention in Anaheim in January of 2000 and listened to Mike Burgener educate the lifts. I was mesmerized by him and fell in really like with every single term coming out of his mouth (and his one of a kind talent of killing all of us in two limited hours with a PVC pipe). I instantly sought him out, and he opened his residence

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