The Best Mid-Workout Fuel for Endurance Athletes

Each and every fantastic stamina athlete appreciates that diet is each little bit as essential as training. If you are not properly fueled, you will not be doing at your best—and will even possibility crashing mid-race or exercise routine. No matter whether your M.O. is running, biking, or swimming, that speedy ‘n simple snack or health supplement in the course of a prolonged coaching session must be packed with nutrition to retain you heading. With way too numerous solutions out there, just finding the ideal fuel can be tiring. In this article are 8 of our most loved mid-exercise session electricity boosters.

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1. GU Strength Gel

Developed to provide electricity and essential vitamins and minerals missing throughout workout, GU Electrical power Gels are 1 of most easy, mid-exercise snacks. Available in a extensive selection of flavors, GU gels comprise the excellent mix of elaborate and uncomplicated carbohydrates that

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