Is a High-Fat Diet Best for Runners and Endurance Athletes?

Masking 26.two miles is impressive no make a difference how fast you operate, but those people who excel have a mystery weapon: the capability to melt away fats for fuel. Experts at Shanghai University of Sport adopted elite male runners in their 20s and 30s just before and right after functioning a sub-three-hour marathon. Their metabolism of carbs and fat increased put up-race, exhibiting their bodies can change from utilizing commonly available carbs to more durable-to-faucet lipids for power. That matters simply because your body can only store so a lot of carbs, which is why a lot of runners “bonk” about Mile twenty. To make the change, less than-fuel on your own with carbs on lengthy instruction operates, forcing your body to faucet into fats reserves for power, and contemplate a significant-fats diet regime.

In a independent examine, eating a significant-fats diet regime of seventy one per cent

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