How to Properly Program recovery for Your Athletes

For several years, at four different universities, I beat my brains out, attempting to find the ultimate training plan. Independent of any particular sport, I sought the most logical means of addressing all athletically desirable goals:

How can all of those be addressed within limited training time, unmotivated athletes, and limited resources?

Programming Is More Than Sets and Reps

Let’s break these goals down into their fundamental requirements:

  • There must be a well-planned program that addresses the desired qualities.
  • There must be an overload effect from applied stress.
  • Time must be allowed for proper nutritional intake and healing for adaptation to that overload stress.
  • The plan must be progressive, increasing the overload over time as the body adapts to existing levels.

So far, so good. However, recovery can throw a wrench in the works. Without as much attention placed on it as the workouts themselves, overtraining can rear its ugly

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