Measuring Blood Pressure: MedlinePlus Medical Test

What do the outcomes necessarily mean?

Your benefits, also recognized as a blood force reading through, will contain two quantities. The top or initially selection is the systolic pressure. The base or 2nd quantity is the diastolic tension. Superior blood force readings are also labeled by classes, ranging from standard to disaster. Your looking through could show your blood strain is:

Blood Tension Category Systolic Blood Tension Diastolic Blood Force
Typical Considerably less than 120 and Much less than 80
Higher Blood Tension (no other heart possibility factors) 140 or greater or 90 or bigger
High Blood Stress (with other coronary heart risk variables, according to some companies) 130 or better or 80 or higher
Dangerously higher blood force – look for professional medical care right absent 180 or larger and 120 or higher

If you have been diagnosed with significant blood stress, your service provider may well recommend way

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