Healthcare Workers Feel Betrayed in Coronavirus Disaster

APRIL two, 2020 — The year 2020 started off with American physicians, nurses, and the full healthcare workforce dispirited, in a deep state of burnout, with the worst prices of medical depression and suicides that have been recorded. Indeed, this was not confined to the United States a international epidemic of burnout experienced been identified. But matters ended up about to get considerably worse for the healthcare workforce.

In December 2019 an epidemic of pneumonia, with many fatalities, erupted in Wuhan, China. The pathogen was sequenced and established to be a novel coronavirus on January 5, 2020, and was subsequently named SARS-CoV-two. The to start with individual in the United States with COVID-19, the sickness prompted by SARS-CoV-two, was identified in Seattle on January 21, which was within 24 hours of the to start with individual identified in South Korea, a key nation for comparison (Figure, tailored from Our Planet

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