Should You Keep Using Dialysis Center Networks During COVID-19?

APRIL two, 2020 — Suzanne Watnick, MD, chief clinical officer at Northwest Kidney Facilities in Seattle, obtained a call she under no circumstances expected.

The nephrologist who termed requested if Watnick was sitting down down, then advised her the initial acknowledged death from COVID-19 in the United States was a individual who had been dialyzed at a person of the 19 centers in their community.

The initial outpatient dialysis device in the United States, which opened in 1962, was part of Northwest Kidney Facilities. They under no circumstances expected to add this dubious “initial,” Watnick mentioned through her digital presentation at the National Kidney Foundation 2020 Spring Clinical Conferences.

The individual who died had past been at the heart a week just before, on February 21. At that time, only individuals who had a short while ago traveled to a state of concern or who had been in close get

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