Kumail Nanjiani’s Muscle-building ‘Eternals’ Workout

Kumail Nanjiani’s workout helped him pull off one of the greatest Marvel transformations of all time for Eternals. Try the muscle-building routine for yourself.

Mid-2019, Kumail Nanjiani was filming the last episode of his hit HBO comedy, Silicon Valley. The show followed a group of nerdy app creators navigating the cutthroat world of big tech. Not much changed over the course of six seasons except, by the finale, Nanjiani’s character, the insecure coder Dinesh, had become an absolute unit—his biceps suddenly bulging out of polos.

The bulk-up wasn’t the producer’s idea, nor a studio directive for Eternals (in theaters Nov. 5), in which Nanjiani plays Kingo, a cocky, cosmic-powered warrior living undercover as a Bollywood star. The only green light Nanjiani needed to get in shape was from himself.

Underground Operation

The transformation took place at Granite Gym in Beverly Hills, a dimly lit basement that Grant Roberts, the

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