Move Well First: A New Path for Coaching Fitness

Mass information in the fitness industry is a beautiful thing; it enables coaches and the general population to learn at a high rate. However, mass information can also lead to mass confusion. Figuring out how to train oneself and others can be a rollercoaster ride — and not always a fun one. 

Thankfully, the intentions behind this industry chatter are typically genuine. Coaches want to help clients achieve results, and the general public is simply looking to feel better. However, amidst the confusion is a growing need for the fitness industry to develop a common language that both professionals and consumers can understand. And that common language should focus on helping society move better and more often for the long haul.

Changing the language of the industry may feel like an impossible task, but two principles are undeniable:

  • Put movement quality first.
  • Help people move more.

Regardless of

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