Hefty jail time, fines in decrees spark concern in Haiti


A protester acts out the kidnapping of a high school senior in Port-au-Prince, Haiti, Thursday, Nov. 5, 2020. The young woman was found dead in a trash heap after relatives said they were unable to pay the large ransom demanded by her captors.


A chest-thumping Jovenel Moïse was taking on an adversary in Haiti’s business community, blaming him for the country’s electricity woes, when he decided to clear up any doubts about the extent of his presidential power.

“I don’t see how there is anyone, after God, who has more power than me in the country. I am the president,” the president said in a now infamous and often quoted “Aprè Dye” speech during a July tour of northern Haiti.

In the 11 months he has been running Haiti without the checks and balances of a parliament, Moïse has been amassing an enormous amount of

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